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Ανακύκλωση / Recycling

The assessment of what "QUALITY" means for the Greek aluminum sector is portrayed by the certification of its companies according to the requirements of the following standards:

 “Specifications for a Quality Label for liquid and powder organic coatings on Aluminium for Architectural applications”

 “Specifications for the QUALANOD Quality Label for Sulphuric Acid-Based Anodizing of Aluminium”

ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION BODY: The Aluminium Association of Greece-NPC, is accredited in accordance with EN 45011by the National Accreditation System as a Certification Body for granting the quality certificates QUALANOD & QUALICOAT.

PROCESS & PRODUCT CERTIFICATION: The Aluminum Association of Greece NPC, as a Certification Body for Products and Processes, awards or renews, after inspections the quality certificates QUALICOAT & QUALANOD to aluminium coating and anodizing plants respecgtively.

FINAL PRODUCTS WITH TEST CERTIFICATES: The Aluminium systems for doors and windows are certified in accordance with international standards.

ALUMINIUM DOORS and WINDOWS WITH CE MARK: Most aluminum fabricators implement the requirements of the EU regulation 305/201 and have the ability to use the CE mark in their products.