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Ανακύκλωση / Recycling

The A.A.G.'s main activities are in the areas of information, quality control, studies, training, promotion and recycling of aluminium beverage cans.

A.A.G. is the main statistical agency for the Greek aluminium industry. Information on production, distribution etc. for Greece and for Europe, are collected and made available to its members on a regular basis. Furthermore, statistical data is supplied to banks, relative Ministries and other Greek and European bodies.
Finally the AAG provides to its members all the information flow from the European Aluminium Association and the European Association for Surface Treatment of Aluminium on issues such as environment, standardisation, legislation etc.

Studies on the aluminium processing industry in Greece have been undertaken by A.A.G. on behalf of several Greek Institutions.

In cooperation with several European and Greek Institutions and in the frame of European programs, the A.A.G. organizes and carries out training seminars for the personnel of the companies of the sector .

The AAG organises the national sectoral exhibition on aluminium products that takes place in Athens every two years and in cooperation with the Hellenic Export Promotion Organisation participates in the international exhbitions.

The Aluminium Association introduced the concept of aluminium can recycling in Greece. It provides all the information to citizens and bodies in order to rise their awareness about the usefulness of the aluminium recycling and supplies the initial material to Local Authorities and Welfare Organisations for the start up of aluminium cans recycling programmes. In the frame of the European Year of Environment, the Association got the Better Management Award on national level, in 1988 and 1990.
The up to now work of AAG- within the short time of its operation - is considered as 
pioneering as far as the effort of organising a whole sector is concerned. This effort is considered as a pilot programme for the other branches of Greek industry.
  an example of fruitful cooperation between governmental and private bodies.

The AAG is member of the ΕΑΑ ( European Aluminium Association), of ESTAL(European Association for Surface Treatment on aluminium), OEA ( Organisation of the European Aluminium Recycling Industry) and has a close cooperation with the corresponding associations of other European countries.